3M 9100XX FX 541825

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3M 9100X FX 541825

  • Flip-up function allows workers to switch between clear visor and available Auto-Darkening Lens
  • 3M™ Speedglas™ Auto-Darkening Lenses provide good contrast and high optical quality
  • Shade 5 side windows allows peripheral vision
  • Applications include assembly, assembly and mechanical, facility maintenance, grinding, machine operations, metal repair, sanding, and welding

The 3M™ Speedglas™ 9100 FX Welding Helmet features a flip-up Auto-Darkening Lens design. It incorporates a secondary clear faceshield that's ideal for grinding and set-up work, while the available Auto-Darkening Lens helps protect against the intense light of MIG, TIG, and stick applications. A highly adjustable head suspension system allows the helmet to comfotably fit many different head sizes and shapes, while side windows in the welding helmet give each welder a wider viewing field to see more of their work area.

Switch jobs on demand This welding helmet is designed with a flip-up function that lets workers go from grinding to welding and back, without difficulty or delay. The protective shield features a wide viewing area, and available Auto-Darkening Lens helps protect eyes from intense light. Versatile protection The hard hat welding helmet assemblies are made with a polyethylene shell that helps protect against sparks, foreign matter, and falling objects. Shade 5 lenses on the side windows increase peripheral vision, helping welders stay more aware of their surroundings. Adjustable fit For non-hard hat assemblies, the internal headband creates a comfortable fit on the job. A ratchet mechanism in back provides an adjustable fit, and twin pads in front conform to the shape of the head. Dual pivot mechanisms on the sides control visor drop friction and the 'parked' position.

3M Speedglas 9100FX Series Brochure