Kemppi Minarc 150 150A 230V 6102150

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Kemppi Minarc Evo 150 230V, 150Amps Package

All MMA Packages include MMA Lead, Earth Lead, 5.0Kg Pkt 6013 Electrodes, Wire Brush, Chipping Hammer, Welders H/Duty Gauntlets, French Chalk & Holder.230V 16Amp Plug with 13Amp Adaptor Lead (or 415V 16/32Amp, 4/5Pin)


Superior arc performance based on high voltage reserves and automatic ‘Arc Force’ control, guarantee the arc will remain stable in all welding positions, even when connected with extra-long welding and power cables, up to 100m.

Automatic Hot Start gives perfect ignition in all conditions and the Anti-sticking function decreases the risk of the MMA electrode sticking to the base material and aids short arc control. Protection against overload, humidity and dust ingress, gives excellent reliability, and TIG welding is made possible with the scratch -TIG function and GV TIG torches. Minarc 220 features a remote-control option.

Specified Minarc Classic models feature VRD function (Voltage Reduction Device), lowering the open circuit voltage for welding environments that may present wet, damp or humid conditions. Minarc 151 Classic is designed to be used with 110V site transformers.

Outstanding welding performance is no overstatement. Every element of Minarc Evo 150 is designed to meet the needs of professional welders on the move. Where size, weight and welding quality are concerned, there is no equal.

Ideal for site use, you can use Minarc Evo 150 from mains or generator power supplies, even with extra long supply cables. Minarc Evo is easy to carry, so you can normally take everything you need in one journey.

Package includes earth return and welding cables (3 m) and shoulder strap.


  • Premium welding performance
  • Use with all electrode types
  • Use with long supply cables
  • PFC technology for ultimate energy efficiency
  • High current output and duty cycle
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Robust and durable
  • Precise lift TIG technology
  • Mains network or generator use
  • Optional remote control
  • Kemppi 3 year warranty for parts and labour
  • Minarc 150 Product code 6102150 Connection voltage 1~ 50/60 Hz 230 V ± 15 % Fuse (delayed) 16 A Open circuit voltage 85 V Stick electrode sizes 1.5...3.25 mm Welding range (MMA) 10 A/20.5 V - 140 A/25.6 V Welding range (TIG) 5 A/10 V - 150 A/16 V Operating temperature range -20 ... +40 °C External dimensions LxWxH 320 × 123 × 265 mm Weight (no accessories) 4.0 kg Degree of protection IP23

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