FIAC ECU XSS 228 1.5HP 6L 230V 4116000715

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FIAC ECU XSS 228 1.5HP 6L 230V 4116000715

Free 10metre air hose cw 1/4"BSPF fittings 


Fiac ECU XSS 228 replaces the popular Fiac ECU air compressor.  Compact in design, these little air compressors are perfect for a number of applications where space is at a premium.  This 110V machine is perfect for on site use where 230V may not be allowed.

The Fiac direct drive compressor range provides adequate power for all your needs: home maintenance, air tools in the workshop, spraying in the garage and garden, airbrush in the studio, furniture renovation, toy model making, inflating tyres, small inflatables and even spraying preservatives / insecticides in the garden and greenhouse.  We have supplied these machines for use in pubs and furniture upholsters to name a few.

The uses for a Fiac ECU air compressor are endless. Suitable for use where oil-free air delivery is required.

  • Automatic stop/start controls – requires minimum supervision
  • Ready for use, complete with 13 amp plug & cable
  • Motor overload protection, air receivers to CE87/404 ensures user protection
  • Portable and user friendly
  • Also available as a 230V compressor, perfect for home or workshop use


Motor HP 1.5
Air Receiver Litres 6 (3 + 3)
Displacement CFM 7.2
Maximum Pressure (PSI) 145
Weight Kg 20
Dimensions (mm) 449 x 264 x 436