EWM Picotig 220 Pulse DC 5P 230V, 220Amps

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EWM Picotig 220 puls DC 5P

All TIG Packages incl.Tig Torch, Earth Return, Gas Hose and Regulator, Torch Spares, Tungstens, Pair of Tig Gloves, 230V 16Amp Plug fitted with 13Amp Adaptor Lead, (415V Plug 16/32Amp 4/5 Pin)

  • TIG DC inverter welding machine, portable, gas-cooled, 5-pole, with PFC module
  • High-efficiency current draw thanks to integrated PFC (Power Factor Correction) technology
  • TIG DC and TIG pulse
  • Non-latched/latched operation
  • spotmatic and spotArc®
  • MMA, MMA pulse, MMA cel, MMA cel pulse
  • Robust housing with impact-resistant plastic cover
  • 5-pole, digital welding torch connection with X technology allows users to connect Retox XQ welding torches
  • Comfort 3.0 mini control with two easy-to-read 7-segment displays for simple and fast selection of the most important parameters
  • Splash-proof in line with IP23
  • Temperature- and speed-controlled cooling fan – reduced contamination and less noise emissions as fan only runs when needed
  • Generator-compatible, even with long mains leads
  • High mains voltage tolerance
  • Consumables box in the handle – consumables always safely stored and within reach
  • Cable holder for holding mains cable as standard
  • Protective cap provided as standard protects the control against water, dirt and impact
  • Adjustable hot start current and hot start time
  • Adjustable Arcforce
  • Antistick function
  • Energy-saving thanks to high efficiency and standby function
  • 3.5 m mains supply lead with 16 A shock-proof plug
  • Overvoltage protection: No damage to machine caused if inadvertently connected to 400-V mains voltage
  • Two large, easy-to-read 7-segment displays
  • All parameters at a glance
  • Click wheel for convenient use with welder’s gloves
  • Reliable push-button operation
  • Direct access to all main functions
  • Complete TIG sequence program:
  • Access block to protect against unauthorised or accidental adjustment
  • Version Picotig 220 puls DC 5P
    Setting range for welding current 5 A - 220 A
    Duty cycle 40 °C 220 A / 40 %
    190 A / 60 %
    160 A / 100 %
    Open circuit voltage 97 V
    Netztoleranzen (ab Werk) -40 % up to +15 %
    Mains frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
    Recommended generator power 6.6 kVA
    Power consumption Pi 22 W
    Protection classification IP23
    Test mark    
    Dimensions (L x B x H) 454 mm x 165 mm x 321 mm
    17.9 inch x 6.5 inch x 12.6 inch
    Weight 10 kg / 22.1 lbs
    Standards IEC 60974-1, -3 and -10 CL.A
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