3M G5-01TW 611120

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3M G5-01TW 611120

  • Available 3M™ Speedglas™ Welding Lens G5-01TW offers variable dark shades 5, 8-13 and tack welding comfort mode and G5-01VC offers variable dark shades 5, 8-14 plus Variable Color Technology
  • The big (104 x 170 mm), clear protective visor is curved, with excellent views up, down and peripherally
  • For more control over your comfort, the innovative G5-01 helmet airflow optimization system lets you direct the airflow to either your face, visor or somewhere in-between
  • The slim profile and ergonomic design makes the G5-01 helmet easier to utilize in tight welding spaces
  • Suitable for most types of arc welding

3M™ Speedglas™ Heavy Duty Welding Helmet, G5-01 is specifically designed for the heavy duty welder. The helmets flip up functionality allows you to seamlessly switch between welding and grinding tasks while maintaining powered air respiratory protection.

With highly customisable adjustment settings, including more control over how you see your weld pool, how air is directed wiihtin your helet and how you congire the helmet for additional protection against radiation, sparks and spatter, G5-01 allow you to take control over your protection. Features 3M™ Speedglas™ Natural Colour Technology, Variable Colour Technology (with G5-01VC), and a Tack Welding Mode (with G5-01TW). The new optional Task Light also allows you to see more of your work piece.


3M G5-01 Brochure