Kemppi Gamma 100A 9873090

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Kemppi Gamma 100A 9873090

Gamma welding helmet and extended head protector offers premium protection for your eyes and face in working environments where respiratory protection is not needed. Auto-darkening welding lens offers maximum vision and safety for welding, grinding, and inspection processes.

A separate leather protector option for the neck and shoulders is available for use with a Gamma welding helmet. Market-leading features ensure comfort and usability in all welding tasks.

  • Flip-up welding visor
  • SA 60 automatic welding filter
  • 198 cm² grinding visor with 170° work site view
  • GapView welding visor setting
  • Axis regulator tunes eye-line perspective
  • Certified for welding and grinding work
  • Magnifying lens options