Kemppi Master S 400 400V, 400A

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Master S series MMA power sources are designed for high-performance professional welding, offering compact, robust and portable MMA power solutions with optimum energy efficiency. A perfect partner for heavy-duty MMA welding where the ease of use, reliabiity and durability are paramount. 

The powerful 400 or 500 amp power sources provide reliable welding results with efficient ignition. Suitable for use with a wide voltage network, Master S also integrates Voltage Reduction Device (VRD) for increased safety at work.


  • Hot start and arc force adjustment for optimised starts and arc control with alternative electrode types, guaranteeing flawless and stable weld pool control every time.
  • Antifreeze cuts off the power and protects the electrode if sticking occurs during welding
  • Contact ignition (Lift TIG) in DC TIG
  • Arc gouging
  • Parent power supply CC/CV for Kemppi voltage-sensing wire feed systems and in-line TIG solutions.
  • Including cellulose welding characteristic

FOC - Weld Return Lead 5M x 50mm2 Cable c/w 5070 Plug & 400A Electrode Holder

FOC - Earth Return Lead 5M x 50mm2 Cable c/w 5070 Plug & 400A Earth Clamp. 

FOC - 400V Plug Fitted