Kemppi Zeta W200X 9873801

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Kemppi Zeta W200X 9873801

Designed for multifunctional use where the face and eyes need protection, the Zeta helmets provide excellent work experience for welding, grinding, inspection, and cutting processes. The Zeta product range includes four lightweight, narrow stand-alone helmet models equipped with the most advanced autodarkening filter for welding or a wide visor for grinding. Lightweight and well-balanced The Zeta helmet's shell construction is strong but lightweight, which helps to relieve the strain on the neck and shoulders. Integrated LED work lights The integrated battery-powered LED work lights available for Zeta W200x welding helmets and G200x grinding helmets are a unique Kemppi feature. Advanced vision features The Zeta welding helmet ADF SA60Z has a significantly large viewing area, and the Zeta grinding helmet has a large visor with a 180° horizontal view. The ADF is an improved version with VISION+ technology. Smooth surface, improved hygiene The completely smooth inner surface of the Zeta helmet makes it easy to clean and maintain proper hygiene.

Zeta W200x welding helmet with automatic darkening filter (ADF) and integrated LED work lights. The Zeta welding shield with large ADF viewing area 110 mm in width and 60 mm in height. The Zeta ADF VISION+ technology enhances the quality of vision as well as work accuracy and reduces eye fatigue. The integrated LED work lights give you an extra boost for the entire workday

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