Kemppi Master M 205 PULSE Water Cooled 230V-200Amps GX303W

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Master M 205 Manual/ Synergic/ Pulse Mig Package Water Cooled, 230V-200Amp

Package: GX303G HD Gun (3.5 or 5.0M),  Earth Return, Gas Hose & Feed Kit 

All MIG Packages incl.Mig Torch, Earth Return, Gas Hose and Regulator, Torch Spares Kit, Mig Wire 5.0K Reel, Pair of Welding Gauntlets, Antispatter Spray, Tip Dip, Mig Pliers. All MIGS incl.Plug 230V 16Amp Plug with 13Amp Adaptor Lead or 415V 16/32A Plug 4/5 Pin.


The Master M 205 sets new standards for power and performance in a portable MIG welding machine. With a portable, lightweight design that's easy to carry, you'll enjoy having a portable MIG welder that can be moved wherever you need it. If you're working in tight spaces, the 5" LCD screen is bright and easy to read, while self-charging LED lights can be turned on to improve safety. They work with or without mains power.

The Master M 205 is also easy to use. Portable MIG welding machines come with Weld Assist, which offers automatic parameter settings that help you start welding quickly. It's a simple solution that welders can also use with minimal experience. Just select the material thickness, joint type, welding position, and start welding.

The Master M 205 is a portable pulse MIG welder with 200 amps of power at a 40% duty cycle. Take on a wider range of materials with pulse welding and do your best work anywhere with the convenience of a 1-phase power supply. Save time and take welding to the next level with 37 built-in MIG/MAG welding programs for Fe, Ss, AlMg5, AlSi5, CuSi3, and CuAl8 filler materials. The Master M 205 comes with 17 programs for pulse MIG and 20 programs for 1-MIG.

If you're looking for a portable MIG welder that can complete high-quality welds in challenging environments, the Master M 205 should be on top of your list.

KEY FEATURES: 205 Power and pulse, ready to go