MasterTig ACDC 3500W AC/DC


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MasterTig ACDC 3500W only requires a 20 amp 3-phase power supply, some small indication of the economy offered by this modern power source design. A maximum power output of 350 amp at 60 % duty cycle ensures you have enough power and the integral water cooling unit keeps torches cool during high duty production welding.

MasterTig ACDC 3500W control panels provide all of the necessary functions needed for TIG welding. Simply choose the control level that suits your particular needs. Options include pulsed and basic versions with large clear meter displays. Standard features include: pre and post gas time control, upslope and downslope control, arc shape AC balance control, torch switch latching, remote control selection and MMA process. Safety codelock feature prevents unauthorised use of the equipment.


  • Automatic AC balance increases the quality and speed of welding
  • Precise penetration control based on AC frequency adjustment
  • Reliable arc ignition and functionality
  • A choice of three control panels suiting different customer needs
  • Energy efficient and excellent for limited fused supplies
  • Product Manual