MasterTig MT535AC/DC 400V, 500Amps TX455W Water Cooled

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cMasterTig MT535AC/DC 400V, 500Amps TX455W Torch (4 or 8mtr) Water Cooled Package c/w 4 Wheel Cart

All TIG Packages incl.Tig Torch, Earth Return, Gas Hose and Regulator, Torch Spares, Tungstens, Pair of Tig Gloves, 230V 16Amp Plug fitted with 13Amp Adaptor Lead, (415V Plug 16/32Amp 4/5 Pin)

New MasterTig 535 ACDC

MasterTig 535 ACDC GM is a premium solution for precise welding applications from 3A to 500A and a wide range of materials, including aluminum and stainless steel. This powerful model is suitable for use with power generators and offers wide connection voltage options, including 220…230 V; 380…460 V ±10 %.

The new MasterTig Cooler MXL (1.7kW) features increased cooling capacity and an LED water level light. A 4-wheel transport unit is also available, featuring PivotSafe, a unique pivoting cylinder loading plate that improves occupational safety in gas cylinder loading.

Excellent user experience

The factory-installed 7" TFT LCD color display panel features the popular Weld Assist function for both TIG and MMA welding, helping you set the optimal parameters for each welding job. You can also upload a company logo with contact details or your favorite image to personalize the screen saver.

In addition, MasterTig 535 ACDC allows users to enjoy the magic of cordless remote control. With the HR45 hand remote unit or FR45 foot pedal remote control, you can control the welding power and select memory channels from up to 100 meters.

Enhance TIG welding with high-technology features

Improve welding speed by up to 30% with the Double Pulse function, or use MicroTack for multiple, repetitive tacking on thin sheet applications where a consistent and controlled appearance is paramount. Optima AC is a customized waveform which improves welding quality and reduces noise levels in AC TIG welding by 20 %.


  • Choose from traditional touch button control panels or the full color 7’’ TFT control panel, including Weld Assist and 99 memory channels per process
  • Weld Assist guides every welder towards accurate, productive welding by recommending the best parameters for different welding applications
  • Several useful features available for enhanced TIG welding
  • Easy, fast and convenient coolant filling and cleaning
  • MasterTig transport units feature floor level cylinder loading, removing the need for heavy lifting 
  • Compatible with Flexlite TX TIG torches
  • Foot pedal, on-torch and hand remote controls available
  • Option for connecting the equipment to WeldEye cloud service


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