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Our TS-MIG range of MIG machines is renowned in the industry for great welding performance combined with solid reliable build. At the heart of every machine is a large copper wound transformer & other heavy duty components all constructed in a robust powder coated steel case. Simple rugged build with minimal parts means we can guarantee the lowest long term maintenance costs of any similar machine in the industry & we have the best long term back up with all parts available for a minimum of 20 years. Really rugged machines for industry!

If you are looking for ‘no nonsense’ heavy duty machines which weld great & keep welding year after year then these have to be the sensible choice.


  • Superb range of volt steps for very fine adjustment of power
  • Super smooth welding characteristics through the range.
  • 100% copper wound transformer with 5 year warranty.
  • Very high duty cycle.
  • High efficiency of over 90% to minimise electric usage.
  • Easy setting infinitely variable wire speed control.
  • Torch trigger latching fitted as standard.
  • Built in electronic burn back with adjustment.
  • Industry standard euro torch connection.
  • Can be used with all standard wire and spool sizes.
  • Over 80% of supply chain value is of British origin.
  • Large 300mm wheels & HD front casters.
  • Voltage switches have steel shafts not plastic like competitors
  • Quality wire drive system and powerful motor.
  • All models have an all metal 4 roll drive standard (except 301X & 303X).
  • Models 301X & 303X have a powerful all metal 2 roll geared drive.