Migatronic Focus TIG 200 DC HP PFC


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FOCUS TIG 200 DC HP PFC WELDS MILD AND STAINLESS STEEL The Focus TIG 200 DC HP is a mono-phase (230 V) inverter-based welding machine, ideal for site welding and workshops use where high performance is required. The machine is also suitable for MMA welding using all types of rutile and basic electrodes. The digital control panel ensures uniform setting of parameters for recurrent welding operations and optimal control of the weld pool. The control panel features TIG DC pulse function. HF/LIFTIG ignition (with/without high frequency) makes the machine applicable under all operating conditions. The Focus TIG 200 DC HP is equipped with PFC (Power Factor Correction), an electronic circuit that ensures maximum utilisation of power and minimum power loss and enables welding with approx. 25% higher welding current using only 16 A mains fuses. New technology ensures a mains voltage tolerance from -40 to +10 %, which allows welding with long mains cables or with a generator as power source. Focus TIG 200 DC HP is supplied with MIGA Super Blue tungsten electrodes, with excellent ignition and reignition properties, applicable for all types of material.

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT • TIG Ergo 201 torch (hose length: optional) • Electrode holder incl. 3 m cable • Focus welding helmet (81910900) • Protective frame (78866004) • Robust trolley with cylinder holder (78857031) • Current control unit for TIG torch

POWER SOURCE FOCUS TIG 200 DC HP PFC Current range, A 5-200 Mains voltage*) +/-10%, V 1x230 Fuse, A 16 Duty cycle 40°C 100%, A/V 150/16.0 Duty cycle 40°C 60%, A/V 170/16.8 Duty cycle 20°C 100% A/V 170 Duty cycle 20°C 60% A/V 200 Open circuit voltage, V 95 Protection class IP 23S Standards EN/IEC60974-1, EN/IEC60974-3, EN/IEC60974-10 Dimensions (HxWxL), mm 250x180x510 Weight, kg 13.0 *) The machine enables down to -40% by reducing the max. amperage