HG2001DV 110/230V, 200A


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HG2001DV 110/230V, 200A

The SIP HG2001DV ARC Inverter Welder is built with Power Factor Correction (PFC) to help reduce mains power consumption and is incorporated in it's electronic design, and offers other benefits including Hot Start, Arc Force, and electrode selection.

Supplied with 2mtr electrode lead and 2mtr Earth lead.

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  • Ø 1.6mm to 3.2mm (110v) or Ø 5mm (230v) electrode diameter
  • 20A to 120A (110v) and 20A to 200A (230v) output currents
  • Integrated PFC (Power Factor Correction) reduces mains power consumption and is incorporated in it's electronic design
  • Hot Start, Arc Force, and electrode selection from Rutile and Basic to Cellulosic
  • Reliable and switchable Voltage Reduction Device (VRD) for added safety
  • Digital display for easy measurement and simple adjustment
  • Generator-friendly for suitability in all environments
  • Lightweight and compact design for simple portability
  • Lift-TIG start function and anti-stick circuitry
  • Thermal overload protection for added safety
  • Equipped with high-quality dinse sockets
  • SIP 2-Year Standard Silver Warranty
  • Technical Information

    ITEM NO. 05717
    Input Supply: 230v (20A) / 110v (16A)
    Output Current: 20A - 200A (230v)
    20A - 120A (110v)
    Output Voltage: 20.8v - 28v (230v) (ARC)
    20.8v - 24.8v (110v) (ARC)
    10.8v - 18v (230v) (TIG)
    10.8v - 14.8v (110v) (TIG)
    Duty Cycle: 200A @ 40% (230v)
    120A @ 40% (110v)
    Electrode Diameter: Ø 1.6mm - 5mm (230v)
    Ø 1.6mm - 3.2mm (110v)
    Welding Thickness: 1.5mm - 9mm (230v)
    1.5mm - 5mm (110v)
    Open Circuit Voltage: 90v
    Power Factor: 0.99
    Efficiency Level: 85%
    Protection Level: IP21S
    Insulation Class: Class H
    Net Weight: 6.60kg
    Gross Weight: 8.80kg
    Product Dimensions:
    Packaged Dimensions: 345(H) x 450(W) x 245mm(D)