TSP-250-P Titanium Spool Gun JM250P

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TSP-250-P Titanium Spool Gun JM250P


Jasic Titanium 250 Spool Gun – TSP-250-P

The Jasic Titanium 250 Spool Gun – TSP-250-P is designed for use with Jasic MIG 250P Compact machines, and also the Jasic MIG 250 Pulse Compact MIG Welder. Perfect for welding aluminium.  These torches are available in 6 metre lengths.

Excellent benefits when using softer MIG wire e.g. aluminium which can be susceptible to deforming especially when used through longer welding torches. Improved arc stability due to a much shorter feed distance as the wire only needs to travel from the small spool to the contact tip.  Greater precision is achieved with a spool gun which gives neater weld results and less post-weld cleanup.

Fitted with a dual roller system inside the body of the gun which allows for smooth and consistent wire feed.  The 0.5kg wire spool is located on the gun feeding directly through the rollers. This helps prevent bunching of the wire often referred to as birds nesting.  Complete with an industry standard euro connector that connects to the front of your machine and bypasses the need for rollers in the inverter itself.  Six metre long torch effectively creates a separate wire feed.

Suitable for 100mm diameter spools

Spool gun torches are often used in boat building, lorry body construction and are fantastic for use in confined spaces as there is no need to have a wire feed unit or welder nearby.