Kemppi X5 FastMig 500 Pulse 400V, 500Amps GX403G

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X5 FastMig 500 Pulse, Sep.Wire Feeder X5-300AP 400V, 500Amps Package 5M Interconnection Cables  GX403G Gun (3.5 or 5.0M), Earth Return, Gas Hose & Feed Kit (0.8,1.0mm or 1.2mm), Plug 415V 4/5P 16/32A Fitted.

All MIG Packages incl.Mig Torch, Earth Return, Gas Hose and Regulator, Torch Spares Kit, Mig Wire 5.0K Reel, Pair of Welding Gauntlets, Antispatter Spray, Tip Dip, Mig Pliers. All MIGS incl.fitted Plug 230V 16Amp Plug fitted with 13Amp Adaptor Lead or 415V 16/32A Plug 4/5 Pin.


Experience next-generation industrial welding with X5 FastMig for steel, stainless steel, and aluminum welding applications. X5 FastMig is a modular multi-process welder primarily focusing on high-performance MIG/MAG welding. Designed and manufactured in Finland, X5 FastMig is developed in collaboration with professional welders so that every detail has been refined to meet the high requirements of true welding experts. X5 FastMig welding system adapts to any industrial welding site or application and offers an easy-to-use solution, increasing valuable arc on time.

Available in 400A and 500A models for manual, synergic (auto), pulse MIG/MIG welding, DC TIG welding, stick welding (MMA), and gouging, X5 FastMig welder is a versatile arc welding powerhouse built with energy-efficient inverter technology, offering a 360-degree modular welding solution. A wide range of accessories brings flexibility and efficiency to welding production processes. Regardless of your environment and applications, you can build the right setup to meet your exact needs. X5 FastMig combined with MAX and Wise special welding processes minimize spatter and create high-quality welds you can count on, regardless of the welding application.

Integrated digital connectivity opens a world of welding data through X5 FastMig*, including three months free trial for WeldEye welding management software's ArcVision module and digital WPS (dWPS) functionality. Together, these deliver the benefits of digital transformation to the very heart of the welding workplace.

*Requires X5 Wire Feeder 300 APC model.

X5 FastMig welding system allows different configurations for various applications. Explore different combinations under Product options.


  • Versatile process selection for industrial welding: MIG/MAG, DC TIG, and stick welding (MMA), as well as gouging
  • Setup options for MIG/MAG welding: manual, 1-MIG, pulse, and DPulse
  • MAX and Wise special welding processes for challenging steel, stainless steel, and aluminum welding applications
  • Integrated Industry 4.0 solution WeldEye ArcVision gives better insight into your welding production
  • WeldEye Arcvision's dWPS feature ensures that welding procedure specifications (WPS) are always accurately followed
  • Weld Assist guides the welder to set the right parameters for each appilication and allows to start welding faster than ever
  • Top-loading wire feeder design ensures ergonomics and safety in all operating positions when changing heavy filler wire spools
  • SuperSnake GTX sub feeder enables maximum access for hard-to-reach welding sites, improving both welding productivity and personnel safety of welders
  • Touch Sense Ignition (TSI) enables a reliable, non-short-circuit ignition, which minimizes weld spatter and reduces the need for post-weld cleaning.
  • Robust, injection-molded plastic casing and impact-resistant display withstand outside blows and challenging work conditions
  • Ultimate welding comfort and long-lasting, high-quality consumables with Flexlite GX welding guns
  • Energy-efficient inverter technology and dynamic power source cooling
  • Two and four-wheel carriage options for improved safety and easy movement around the welding site
  • X5 Power Source 400Multi-process power source that provides 400 A with 60% duty cycle. Manual and synergic welding options available. Compatible with MAX Speed, MAX Cool, WiseFusion, WiseSteel, and WisePenetration+ welding processes. In robotic welding applications, TIG and MMA processes are not available.
  • X5 Wire Feeder 300 ManualTop-loading wire feeder with a digital parameter display. For MIG/MAG, MMA, and gouging. Manual, 2-knob parameter control. 4-wheel wire feed mechanism with integrated lighting and a kinetic spool brake. USB port connectivity.
  • PulseMulti-process power source that provides 500 A with 60% duty cycle. Manual, synergic, pulse, and double pulse welding options available. Compatible with all MAX welding processes as well as WiseFusion, WisePenetration+, and WiseSteel welding processes. In robotic welding applications, TIG and MMA processes are not available.